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Kingfisher Asia Limited - Flat Out Pyramids

November 18, 2010
Kingfisher Asia Limited - Flat Out Pyramids

A major international retailer engaged Team Building Asia to create a full day programme to successfully celebrate the company’s new Mission, Vision and Values across all employees.

Up to 140 participants were given a series of plans to mark, label and cut large cardboard sheets from which to fold into four identical shapes.  These shapes then form a puzzle to build into a full scale pyramid

 Working in twenty four smaller teams, participants assigned roles, divided resources and quickly collaborated to create their team pyramid.  Then these individual pyramids were connected to other teams by means of building an octahedron.  This ensured cooperation and collaboration across adjacent teams and provided a forum for integrating resources and skills.

The newly joined shapes provided three levels of a much larger pyramid to integrate the whole organization.  Teams 12 – 24 provided the base, with teams 5 – 11 bringing together the mid-section before finally teams 1 – 4 providing the top section of the whole pyramid.   

This huge installation was then decorated with the new company Mission, Vision and Values to ensure reinforcement and internalisation by all participants.  As the pyramid was constructed using teamwork and resources sharing; so too can the company gain success by constructing the Mission, Vision and Values together on a self, team and organizational level, as represented by the completed pyramid.

Flat Out Pyramids is an exciting and fun team building activity with a real sense of purpose and has aligned our team members to the company Vision and Mission”, said Anthony Sutcliffe, Director of Global Sourcing, Kingfisher Asia Limited.

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