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Community Action - CSR team event

Community Action - CSR team event
September 27, 2011

Disadvantaged areas of Liverpool in the UK recently benefited from our CSR activity Tree Mend Us. 130 participants rolled up their sleeves and got digging in a ‘tree planting treasure hunt’ designed to breath life into 11 city sites.   Action communautaire
27 septembre 2011
Des collaborateurs du secteur de la santé en conférence au Hilton ont formé 15 équipes prêtes à relever le défi de planter plus de 130 arbres dans des endroits soigneusement sélectionnés à proximité de l’hôtel...

Healthcare delegates on conference at The Hilton formed 15 teams eager to tackle the challenge of planting over 130 trees in carefully researched locations all within striking distance of the Hotel. Armed with trowels, watering cans and armfuls of dinky little tree saplings, the teams set off with a mission to ‘give back’ to the community.

Catalyst Teambuilding were keen to make sure Tree Mend Us had lasting impact. A great deal of time went into negotiating with local representatives to ensure the most worthy of causes benefited from our clients' direct action.

All credit to the energy of this group who worked together to plant all the sites in an incredibly short time frame. Many of the voluntary organisations they helped have to work with limited budgets, but the personal dedication of their members has had an amazing effect on their community and environment. Schools, Community Centres, Resident Associations and Feed The Homeless schemes were all very grateful for the groundwork this activity achieved.

With an increasing focus on CSR related teambuilding requests, Catalyst Teambuilding are committed to releasing more team concepts with a conscience! Keep an eye on our Community and Environment section for future developments.

For more ideas on how other activities in our portfolio could help ‘give a little back’ please view our CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility page.

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"Thanks to the Dream Team for turning a very suspicious and cynical crowd into an enthusiastic and excited bunch of people ... the impact that the Big Picture had on the whole company was absolutely amazing. People still can't believe that they played a part in creating the masterpiece which now stands in the Atrium. The excitement from the day still lingers in the building and has helped to lift everyone's spirits. You guys rock!and roll"


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